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About Us

My wife and I live with our dogs near Ely in Cambridgeshire, UK. We both grew up in families with dogs, so it seemed inevitable that when we had families of our own, we would also have dogs. Of course, neither of us expected to have quite so many!

Chihuahuas are a more recent addition to our lives, but I've kept (and been kept by) Shar-Pei since 1987. Back then they were very hard to find, and there was almost no choice of colour. I first learned of the breed a few years earlier, from an article in the Sunday Times Magazine. On first seeing the photos of a wrinkly fawn puppy I thought it wasn't real, but on reading the article I understood it was real, but very rare and reportedly hugely expensive. Nevertheless, I'd fallen in love with them and hoped I'd be able to buy one. I managed to track one down and buy it (and it wasn't so expensive), and now, having owned eight Shar-Pei over the years (not including puppies I've bred), I can say I'm truly addicted to the breed. Coincidentally my wife's parents also used to own a Shar-Pei, so she was no stranger to the breed when we met.

I don't pretend to be an authority on Shar-Pei (or any kind of dog expert), but I have considerable knowledge of and experience with the breed, from keeping and raising them to breeding them and problems they can be prone to. We're not professional breeders - we just keep Shar-Pei as family pets. We do, however, take the responsibility (and privilege) of keeping Shar-Pei very seriously, and do everything to ensure the good health and top quality of our dogs.

We simply can't imagine our lives without dogs!